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About H2O Pressure Cleaning Services & Supplies

Over the past 29 years H2O Pressure Cleaning has serviced Melbourne and Country Victoria. We are a small dedicated team and understand that every project has it’s challengers but most of all it is someone’s property. Over the years we have worked on many commercial and domestic projects. We will give advise and explain the processes we use to help achieve your needs.

We have been operating in Melbourne and country Victoria for over 28 years. During this period, we have worked on many iconic buildings and projects for some of the major Building organisations in Melbourne. All our work is carried out to the Heritage Victoria and National Trust standards and recommendations. We do work for the top Heritage architects in Melbourne. We are CERTIFIED LEAD PAINT REMOVERS. We work on both commercial and private residential projects.

We use locally made chemicals which we have specially made to order. We use the best equipment ensuring we can give the best possible results as our machinery heats the water up to the recommended temperature. We use low pressure’s which means the risk of damage is kept to an absolute minimum, however we can increase this to high pressure if required.

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